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Best Topics for the First Date with Slavic Women

To attract Slavic women, you need to connect with them on a different level. The way your first date goes decides the future of your potential relationship. For that reason, it is essential to have a quality first date that you will both want a second date. Apart from being kind and polite, you need to be interesting and outgoing. Engaging topics will allow you to share your experiences and learn more about one another. When you are done talking about one subject, you need to have another up your sleeve so the conversation doesn’t run dry. As you talk more, you will get more comfortable together and you won’t have to prepare topics beforehand. For the beginning, however, it is very important to know how to leave a good impression on your first date.


We all have favorite childhood memories that we like to share with others. You can initiate this topic to learn more about your date. To make it seem spontaneous, say something about your childhood and then ask her about hers. The girl you met on a Slavic women dating site will surely like that you are interested in her childhood. By seeing her raw emotions while talking about how she was a little girl, you can get to know her personality better.


To keep the good atmosphere, ask your date about her hobbies. She will love to talk about things she is passionate about. Possibly, you could have similar hobbies, which will give you more material discuss. Slavic singles like to be adventurous and explore new hobbies in free time. If the first date goes well, you could even try new hobbies together.


Slavs love pets! They love all kinds of pets, especially cats. If you have a cat, you have a great potential to be successful on a Slavic women dating website. In case you don’t, you can simply talk about pets that you had or you would like to have. Also, you can talk about her pets; she could surely enthusiastically describe them and her love for them for a long time!


Most people like to travel and enjoy reviving their memories from travels as well. On the first date, ask your lady about the favorite place she visited and places she would like to visit. After quarantine, everyone is going to be even happier about traveling. If everything goes well, you could plan a trip together in the future.

Good Habits

Talk about your good habits and help your date learn something about you. Slavic dating sites usually have a field in user’s profile reserved for your habits. Whatever you’ve written there, discuss on your first date! Those habits could be anything that you regularly do. Hobbies, sports, diet… you name it. As long as you are proud of something, share it with your date. In return, she will do the same. You can adopt some of her good habits after and make a change in your life.

Bad Habits

Unfortunately, many of us have a plenty of bad habits. When you meet Slavic women, they will want to know more about you, including your flaws. After getting comfortable, you can share your bad habits too! She will most likely have some of them as well, which will connect you in a weird way. Do not feel the pressure to be perfect because nobody is. Be honest and your Slavic lady will appreciate it a lot!

Movies, TV shows or Documentaries

We can talk about favorite movies and TV shows for hours; especially if you like the same ones. Girls can get especially excited about this topic and you need to get the best out of it! She will love if you talk about her favorite movie and your views on it. From her preferred genre and characters, you can also learn more about her. If she says she is not a fan of any TV show and not a film lover, she might be more into documentaries. In that case, you can discuss more serious things related to the documentaries she likes.


While there is no recent information about how many people in Slavic countries have a specific phobia; Very Well Mind reports that over 19 million people in the US, which is 9.1% of the total population, has a phobia. These could be a panic fear of storms, flying, the dark, heights, insects, clowns, enclosed space, snakes, dogs, among others. Even if your Slavic beauty doesn’t have any phobia, she could talk about her fears. This topic could get very deep and engaging. It is important to learn as many things about your girl to be successful at Slavic dating.


“You are what you eat”, did you hear of that before? It means that if we eat quality food, we surely feel better than eating junk food that doesn’t have a good impact on our health. You can talk about food for a long time. If your date likes to cook, that will be her favorite topic! Apart from talking about healthy diet, you can also mention guilty pleasures. We all have them so she will certainly understand you. After this conversation, you will know what she likes to eat the most. If she is passionate about Italian, Chinese or Indian cuisine, you will know where to take her for the second date!


One of the first associations to Russians is Vodka so it is obvious that you can’t make a mistake if you talk to Slavic women about alcohol. Generally, Slavs like to drink alcohol; some more, some less. They love to introduce traditional beverages to their foreign friends so get ready for a few shots! Girls from Slavic countries are not closed-minded so they will also like if you show them your favorite drinks.

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