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Top 5 Facts About Dating Czech Ladies

The idea of Czech dating seems very exciting! You’ve surely seen countless beautiful women from this country so dating one has become a dream that you want to make true. We don’t blame you; there are so many men around the world that want the same! Light-colored hair and eyes, clear skin, ice queen attitude and adorable accent surely do seem irresistible!

However, to get the attention of a Czech lady, you must learn some facts about these wonderful women. While every person is different and unique, there are some things that we all have in common based on our country of origin. In this case, there are several features that apply to most women from the Czech Republic. If you learn them on time, you will know how to easily approach a Czech woman and possibly find the love of your life!

1. They are very independent

Now, you may say that most women today are independent. You are somewhat right but when it comes to women that come from the Czech Republic, it’s something that you must pay even more attention to! These ladies are different from western women; they don’t really think out loud so much. In their day-to-day lives, Czech beauties tend to deal with conflicts directly! One of the reasons may be the communist roots that left those firm, direct attitude among people from that region. Thus, if you date Czech women , you must know how to respect their time. They like to keep some things to themselves and they like to prosper professionally. That being said, they like to earn their own money and be independent in many different ways. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they cannot commit to their partners; it simply means that women from this country want to have control over their lives.

2. Czech beauties care about their physical appearance a lot

Although mother nature was really generous when it comes to Czechoslovakia girls, they take extra care of their appearance. Skincare products, frequent massages, and yoga are only some ways that these girls use to take care of themselves. Because of their pleasant physical appearance, we can understand that women from this region tend to be very confident as well. Also, they are not too shy about displaying their beauty! In fact, Czechoslovakia women love to display their attributes and love to receive compliments on them. They like people to appreciate and admire them and they work hard to be worthy of that! Thus, becoming the best version of themselves (physically, intellectually and emotionally) is an important goal of many girls from the Czech Republic. By physical appearance, we don’t mean a slim figure and pretty face only – hygiene, nice hair, skin, and style are a big part of it. Slav girls are generally very dedicated to all these aspects!

3. Mature women don’t mind dating younger men

A number of famous women in the Czech Republic date younger men! One of the examples is an actress Gabriela Osvaldová (58) who is dating a 32-years-old man. For that reason, if you look into a Czech dating site, you may find many beautiful ladies of double your age, looking for the same exciting things as you do! In this country, people rarely judge relationships with a huge age gap, which is amazing! After all, all it matters is the connection between two people and these women know that. You may find more things in common with a much older or younger woman than you’ve ever found with a woman your age. Love doesn’t have labels and doesn’t think of age, don’t be afraid to find your soulmate!

4. They are not too smiley

If you’ve been mostly dating American women, you may feel quite intimated at the start with the Czech Republic dating. The reason is simple – these girls don’t smile as much, especially if they don’t actually find something funny! Don’t worry, nothing is wrong with your charm and sense of humor, they simply aren’t too smiley. You have to earn the smile of your Czech date and that will make it 100 times more valuable! It is an interesting fact that men actually feel even more attracted to serious women! With a girl of that kind, you will always know where you are standing. If you are funny, she will laugh, if you are not – she will not! Her smile will be like a real, authentic compliment. After all, if you two get along, it may not even be so hard to make her smile!

5. They don’t open their hearts easily

This fact is closely related to fact number 4 and the message is also similar: you need to put a lot of effort into winning the heart (and a smile) of a Czech girl! Czech singles take some time to analyze their dates before giving it all in. They need to know that what you are saying is not sugarcoating and that you are just as real as they are! Only after you’ve passed their tests, they may decide to open up completely. Don’t feel discouraged! If you really like your Czech date, you will spontaneously put maximum effort into your relationship and ultimately win her heart. She will recognize all your efforts, even if she doesn’t always show it. Eventually, when this kind of woman gets to love you, you can be sure that it’s not something temporary or weak!

We hope that this article will help you learn more about Czech “ice queens” and give you a little insight into what to expect from your date! Of course, this information cannot reveal everything about the girl you meet. However, it can help you understand her more from the very start and find a good way to communicate.

Remember: patience is very important and effort is highly appreciated but the reward is priceless!

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