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We review the best dating sites recommended here from different angles, going through the pros and cons, registration, pricing options, features, safety and more, in as much detail as possible, so that you can select the site that best meets your needs. Check out our reviews of top dating sites to learn more about the services that each site offers.

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Success Stories from Real Users

Members of the above dating sites shared their success stories with us, and want you to join in their happiness.

Vitas & Mary
Thank I met the woman of my dreams. We met on Charmdate 11 months ago, this then so many beautiful things had happened. Advanced communication tools of Charmdate is very funny, helpful and easy to use. They help me find my lover more easier and they are very secure. Now we are living together and planning to build a family. Charmdate changed my life! Thanks again.
David & Jane is far beyond my expectation! Finding true love is definitely possible here! They have plenty of young Chinese girls as well as mature women to choose from. I've been on a few dates in China and lucky enough to meet the love of my life Min Here. She's sincere, tender and knows me well. Thank you so much for the useful dating tips & caring customer service.

Online Dating - A New Trend for Meeting Someone Special

So, no-one at work is interesting enough. All the people your friends try and set you up with are not right for you. You’ve tried all your local pubs, clubs and coffee shops. You’re running out of ideas on how to meet that special someone. You’ve probably been single a little while but there is just something about online dating that makes you not want to get involved.

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There’s an old-fashioned stigma to the concept, concerns for safety and the uncertainty of the honesty of the people you are meeting. The times have changed and the embarrassment that used to come with the "Where did you meet?" question is a thing of the past. Most people you know who met their partner "through a friend" or "at a party" more than likely met online. In some circles these days, when a new partner is introduced, the question has evolved to "What site did you meet on?"

Advantages of Online Dating

In a society where social media and texting has become our main form of communication, it is such a great way to start out with someone. Send some messages back and forth. It cuts out all the awkwardness of what to say when you can think about answers and write back later in the day.

Endless options– The number of people signing up for online dating has increased over the last five years so there are so many people you could potentially talk to.

Privacy- If you found someone not interesting in a pub, it is so awkward to walk away and start talking to someone else with the original person still able to see you. Online you can move onto someone more suitable without anyone’s seeing. You get to chat to people from your own home, on the bus or on your lunch break, whenever it suits and no-one around would even know. And chances are they are doing the same thing.

What Kind of Dating Sites to Choose?

Along with the increase in users, there has been an increase in sites that you can use as well. All of them have different draw cards but all of them have people that are also looking for someone.

General or specific? - There are several sites for the general population and there are also sites where you can search for people specific to race, religion or interests. So how do you know which one to choose? If you have something specific that is an absolute deal breaker and you will never date someone who is not that, then specific is for you. But if you have preferences that aren’t make or break in a relationship, then general opens the pool to a much wider range and larger number of people.

Paid or unpaid?- Some sites require you to pay and some do not. The paid sites will often offer more features and compatibility tests and all kinds of other advanced services. The other thing is that it does generally filter out the less serious people. Most will offer a free trial so you can check out if it is the right fit for you. Unpaid sites are high in volume, and there are many sites and many people. While they won’t have any of the extra features and are often quite basic, you can still find someone you like and start chatting to them.

Popular or less heard of?– Popular sites are usually more prevalent because most of them are free, so they have more users. Less heard of sites have their draw card too. However, they are more likely to have filtered out the masses of people that can be on some of the more popular sites.

The best way to choose is to decide which out of these is important to you and not be afraid of trying a few sites. That is really the only way to see which one works for you.

Safety First

As with anything in life, you need to look after yourself. The old Stranger Danger motto was in place for a reason but don’t be off put by that. Remember, all your friends and colleagues were strangers at one point.

Don’t share personal details - Sites have moderators and report buttons for a reason. Once you veer away to personal texting or social media, they can no longer help you out. You can eventually exchange personal details but give it some time and get as much as you can out of what the site has to offer first. Don’t give out your work address.

Don’t send money - If anyone asks you to send money, that should be an immediate red flag and should be reported to site moderators.

Don’t meet too soon - Take a little bit of time to get to know the person before arranging to meet up. Perhaps even try a phone call first so that you can tell that the person is the gender and age they are claiming to be.

Meet in public – When you do decide to meet, try a cafe. That way there are plenty of other people around and, if it doesn’t work out, a coffee is way cheaper and shorter than dinner. If it goes well, you have the option to extend it.

Have a wingman/woman - Not saying they should join you in an awkward three-way date, but have someone who knows where you are going and at least the name of who you are going with – someone who can call and rescue you from disaster dates.

Now that you have all the information required and are equipped to make some decisions, do some research into the site you are thinking about joining. Make a list of the top three or five and investigate them. Maybe ask some friends who you know are in the same boat, or check the recommendations of those trusted online dating review sites(like ). Try the free trials to start your dating journey. The one who is right for you could be just a click away.

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