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Dating Eastern European Girls vs Western European Girls

There are many differences between dating Eastern European Women and Western European women. We are looking at the broader differences between the sides of the continent and do understand that some of the traits from either side can be shared by individual countries on the other side. The large number of countries in Europe means there are several traditions and traits that can be shared across countries and there will be countries that don’t fit in to our breakdowns. But we are going to cover some of the main differences between women from Eastern Europe and women from Western Europe. So that when you are looking into getting a date online with a European woman you will know whether you should be focusing more towards Eastern European women or Western European women.


Eastern- Eastern European women are very focused on their appearance and they put a lot of effort in to make sure that they look good. They will wear heels and make up and tight dresses as often as they can. They are likely to spend as much time getting ready to go to the shop as a Western European will to go out to the clubs. Their focus on fashion and beauty make them very appealing to men from all backgrounds. They are well known around the world for their beauty. No matter the occasion they will always look beautiful. When dating Eastern European girls, you can be assured that they will always look their best. This means that you will always be envied when taking her out. Perhaps even a little nervous of all the other people that will be looking at your gorgeous women.

Western- Although they are a lot more relaxed with their appearance and spend more time in flat shoes than they do in heels, this doesn’t mean they don’t look good. They aim for a more natural and simpler look. They can make simple shorts look very dressed up and have a more relaxed way of showing off their appearance. With all of Europe having a heavy focus on fashion, they also always manage to look good, but they always look pretty and like they are dressed for a casual afternoon tea whereas Eastern Europeans always look ready for the night life.

Money Value

Eastern- Eastern European women see money as the opportunity for the man to assert his dominance and prove that he is the provider. They are more than happy to let the man pay for the first date and even expect them to. They also expect them to continue paying for the dates from this point. Again, with such a variety of countries, we are covering this isn’t all and can be true in some Western cultures as well, but overall the women of Eastern Europe like the gentlemen to be generous and chivalrous.

Western- Western European women are very independent and like to show it. They will often let the man pay for the first date, but after that she prefers to split things to remain independent and equal. They can often get quite embarrassed if a man continues to try and pay for things. They are always trying to show that they are equal and not dependant on the man to pay the way for them.

Future Expectation

Eastern – There is a lot of pressure on the women of Eastern Europe to settle down and have a family. They are expected to start a family in their early 20’s. At the same time their careers are also very important to them. They are expected to have a good job and career, and their own family before they are thirty. With such high pressure on them, they are certainly looking to find a man, and most people are turning to online dating so you will be very likely to find a woman from Eastern Europe that is looking to date.

Western- Women of Western Europe are more focused on their career and they are expected to be successful in their career before their mid 20’s. While there is also a focus on them - settling down and starting a family. This is not as urgent as the career. They spend more time at work and ensuring that they have made it to their career goals before they start looking to settle down, and while they might still turn to online there is likely to be less of a presence and also a slightly older demographic of women.

If you are looking on a Europe dating site, you will now know the differences between Eastern and Western European women. While none of the differences are particularly bad, it really comes down to your personal dating preference when deciding which type of European woman you want to start dating. You will find many different sites even a Russian Euro dating site and you will be able to start searching for the right match for yourself. Eastern European women are very popular around the world and many people will seek them out. The fact that they are very traditional and a little old fashioned is very attractive to a lot of men. A woman with a kind heart and an interest in helping whoever they can is very attractive. From a young age, they are taught about all the skills for starting a good family, so they are often very good cooks and homemakers. So when you are looking online for someone, you now know the differences between the different types of women and will be able to make your own mind up regarding whether a Western European woman or an Eastern European woman is the one for you.

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