Relationship Resolutions for New Year

January 23, 2020

We’ve all heard New Year: New Me. Why not New Year: New us. Every year people are constantly making resolutions. Most of them are for self-improvement whether it be to lose weight, eat better, read more and travel often but it’s just as important to make resolutions for relationship improvement.

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Signs of Relationship Anxiety, and How to Deal With It

January 12, 2020

Your heart is pounding, and your legs won’t move. You want to scream but you can’t seem to make a sound. You body is reacting to the fight or flight mechanism that we all have built in. But there is no bear chasing you. You are simply thinking. What could you possibly be thinking about that causes such a reaction? Your relationship. When your anxiety is causing you the same reaction that we once would have had being chased by a large predator even dating back as far as it would have likely been a sabre tooth tiger, it is perhaps time for you to evaluate the situation.

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