Relationship Resolutions for New Year

We've all heard New Year: New Me. Why not New Year: New us. Every year people are constantly making resolutions. Most of them are for self-improvement whether it be to lose weight, eat better, read more and travel often but it's just as important to make resolutions for relationship improvement.

1. Make time

In a society where everything is always rushed, and the world expects everything instantly you need to make time for your partner. Not just a few minutes but hours. Put all technology away. Talk to each other and really listen. Play a game of cards. Make some plans. Whatever it is needs to be just about the two of you. Try to do this a few times a week or every second day. At the very least you need to put aside this time at least once a week.

2. Make adventures

Finances can be tight at this time of year, so this doesn't need to be something you spend a lot of money on or even any. Go for a bush walk, visit a museum, check out free activities in your local area you never know what you could end up doing. Break the mundane cycle that most people seem to fall into.

3. Make schedules and budgets

Other than housework the thing that causes the most fights in a relationship is finances. So best to stop these early on. Be open about everything and make a roster for jobs and plan out your budget, not talking sticker charts but even just saying out in the open which jobs will alternate and which jobs are theirs or yours. Got debts to pay? Figure out when the end date is. Have a future goal? Figure out when you will make that. Doing this together really helps wash away any doubt you might be having but is also a good way to spend that extra time together while making sure things are being sorted.

4. Bring back the honeymoon

The honeymoon phase of a relationship doesn't last forever but try and remember those things that you did that made it special. Make sure you give yourself date nights. Surprise each other, sit up all night talking and keep alive the excitement that you felt early in the relationship.

5. Keep up physical contact

Hold hands. Give sneaky kisses. Brush an arm or a back and give hugs. Physical contact with each other can help strengthen your bond and keep your relationship going in the long term. You don't have to be all over each other all the time out in public or make the whole train full of people feel uncomfortable. But simple gestures can make all the difference in that connection with your partner.

6. Have fun

If you can't be your silliest with your significant other than who can you with? Make each other laugh and bring out the inner child. Couples that play together stay together. Having that someone that makes you laugh, and you can return the favour makes those long days at work or rough days with the kids seem to be not as bad.

7.Say "I love you"

Say I love you every day. It doesn't matter if it's not been a good day, but you need to make sure you tell your significant other that you do love them and make sure they feel loved. This isn't a tool to get out of being in trouble but it's a way to make sure they know how you feel all the time as often we forget to say this the further we get into the relationship.

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