Top Secrets To Charming A Man

Have you ever wondered how some women can be effortlessly charming, while others have to put in some serious work to achieve the same results? Somehow, men seem to be good judges of (at least they’re good at something!) who is genuinely charming, and who has to sweat it out to appear likeable.

So how do you get the guy you like, to like you? This is often the question on a woman’s mind when they are trying to approach a man, they have their eyes on. While it is very important to be charming, you don’t want to appear too easy with the guy. Otherwise you are bound to attract the wrong kind of attention.

Therefore, to help you walk the thin line and charm your man, here’s a simple roadmap that you can follow to get to your dream destination.

So, fasten in your seatbelts ladies, and let’s go.

Be Proud Of Who You Are

One of the biggest turn-offs in a woman is her insecurity about herself, and men notice this instantly. So, when approaching the guy you have eyes on, be sure to be proud of your own self. Remember, if you don’t respect yourself others won’t either; so hold yourself tall, boost that ounce of self-confidence and get going.

Listen To Him

Everyone likes to talk about themselves, period. But listening to others is a very rare trait. And if you can lend an ear to your man, then be sure that you’ve already taken the first steps towards being charming. Every man likes a woman who really listens to them, so learn to listen first and talk next.

Make Conversation Like An Old Pal

If you really want to be genuinely charming, then talk to your man like he’s an old friend. Yes, even if you’ve met him just now. Being friendly and open can actually act as positives in your favor. So, hail him by his name, and begin a nice and friendly conversation over coffee. And there’s nothing like coffee to make things happen!

Body Language Says It All

We don’t only speak with our voice; we communicate with every move we make. The way we stand, the way we smile and even the way we make eye contact matters. So, if you are ready to charm that dreamboat, make sure you have the right body language to go along with your charming personality. Smile often, make direct eye contact and as suggested above, hold yourself proudly. There’s nothing a man likes more than a woman who knows her own worth.

Have A Heart For Humor

Appropriate humor can melt the toughest ice and having a good sense of humor is paramount to appearing charming to a man. This of course doesn’t mean you should become a simpering, giggly girl who laughs at just about anything. Hold your own but be sure that you come across as someone who he can have a laugh with once in a while. And if you can manage to become a person who can laugh with anyone and at yourself, then you’ve already got the charm game made.

Dress To Impress

And by this we don’t mean anything too revealing. But just be sure to wear clothes that you feel comfortable carrying. After all, your comfort is your biggest fashion statement, and if he’s the one for you then he’ll surely be able to appreciate your charm.

Final Words

So there! You’ve got our list of charming tips for your guy. Now pick out a nice outfit, put on that genuine smile, and get ready to meet the one you are waiting for!

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