Seven First Date Tips for Men to Secure a Second Date

The day of your first date has finally arrived and, despite all the communication and planning that has gone into it, you are probably still feeling a little nervous and disorientated. Here are some tips to help you through it and increase your chances of getting a second date.

1. Be on time - First impressions last and if you leave her waiting you are already setting it off on the wrong foot. If for some disastrous reason you are running late let her know so doesn’t feel like she is being stood up.

2. Dress to impress - Again this is your first impression. You don’t want to turn up in a shirt with holes in it and sweatpants. We are not saying you need to turn up to a casual restaurant in a suit but take care with your appearance.

3. Offer to pay - Agreed it is the 21st century and you will sometimes meet with someone who wants to show independence and split the bill with you but making the offer makes you appear more interested and more likely to get a second date.

4. Relax - While this is certainly easier said than done you need to take a few deep breaths and try and keep yourself calm. If you require a drink or too keep it to just that if you are smashing alcohol on the first date that will certainly be a red flag for your date. One thing to remember is that they are in the same boat as you. They are feeling all the first date nerves as well.

5. Have a good conversation - There are so many elements to having a good conversation. Say something nice if she looks great say so or you like her earrings admit it. But only if you honestly think so don’t force it if it will come off fake. Try to think of some interesting conversation starters. Maybe even write yourself a small list of things that might be good to talk about. Do not talk about the ex. Granted if you have children and the ex is a part of your life that will need to come up at some point but if you have no ties to them there is no need to mention them on the first date. Make sure that you listen to your date and have your phone on silent.

6. No touching – This is the first date there’s no real reason to touch anyone. Don’t have any expectations that touching will happen. She doesn’t owe you anything just because you have gone on a date. She doesn’t need to kiss you but for sure if she does go with it but don’t go in with expectations of anything. Let her initiate anything and if she hasn’t and you feel it has gone well there is nothing wrong with asking if you may kiss her but don’t just plant one on her.

7. Follow up - It’s an absolute myth that you must wait a certain amount of days after the date to contact them again. Especially if you have been texting no stop leading up to it and suddenly nothing for 3 days. She will have made up her mind within the first 24 hours without contact that you thought it didn’t go well and write you off. But don’t be extreme if she doesn’t reply she doesn’t need a message every 5 minutes. Generally, by the end of the night you will have an idea of how it went and will know when to contact hopefully for that second date.

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