Get the Attention of Women - Ways to Be A Sophisticated Man

There’s something about a sophisticated man that women swoon over. They enjoy their presence and are like moths to an open flame when they see a sophisticated man out and about. It doesn’t matter how funny or good looking or rich you are. If you don’t exude sophistication, you will have to work much harder to get the attention of women. If you think you don’t have the money or time to improve yourself then you are very wrong, there are some very simple ways in which you can increase your sophistication.

1. Fashion - The first thing women will notice is what you are wearing. So, it is important that you are dressed to impress. You don’t have to wear a tuxedo all the time but take some time to find out what fashion trends are in now. Some of the best people to talk to are the shop assistants in the clothing stores. Yes, their job is to sell but they also want to sell you the right stuff so you will come back. They can see hundreds of people a day and they will know what looks good on you.

2. Hair - Hair is a big thing you need to make sure that you have the right style for your face and for you fashion. Keeping it short means it’s easy to maintain and style. There has been and increase in longer hair more recently but ensure it is well kept. Find the right hair product for your style and look. Again, shop attendants are usually the best to ask about this they know what they are selling and will be able to assist you with what is going to give you the look you are aiming to achieve.

3. Scent - It is crucial to learn how to put on the right amount of scent and not be too overpowering but enough that when someone gets close, they know that you are the one that is smelling amazing.

4. Hygiene 4.- This should go without saying but make sure your teeth are brushed, you have showered and your nails aren’t holding onto about a month of dirt. Making sure that you are taking care of yourself daily and washing your hair regularly. This goes a little hand in hand with scent as if you have missed a shower or two you are not likely to smell like someone anyone wants to spend their time with.

5. Drink - More often then not you will be at a bar or restaurant or wedding and need to order a drink in front of someone you might be trying to attract. Being indecisive and not knowing what you want never looks sophisticated. Try and keep it simple and avoid the cocktail menu nothing is more awkward then waiting at the bar while they must mix about 8 ingredients together. A respectable beer or basic spirit are simple options to go to.

6. Tailors - There is something about clothes that fit you just right. Shop bought products are always a basic design and made to fit a wide variety but never seem to sit right. It doesn’t need to be an expensive suit or tuxedo but a nice shirt that you can wear out that fits you is ideal.

7. Knowledge - Keep yourself up to date with what’s going on in the world. Read and research interesting topics. Once you have managed to attract the women over you will need to keep them engaged and if your words don’t match your appearance then she may just easily leave.

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