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Tips to Make Your Thai Dating Go Smooth and Successful

There have been some misconceptions when it comes to Thai dating considering Thailand’s popularity when it comes to partying and nightclubs. However, Thailand is simply home to a ton of beautiful women who have beautiful complexions and unique black hair.

That said, if you’ve found a potential date in one of the many Thai dating sites, you might be curious as to what dating a Thai woman is like. Well, if it’s your first time dating a Thai woman, then here are some tips to help you make that date go smooth and successful:

1. Learn more about her culture first

One of the most important tips we can recommend when it comes to dating Thai ladies is to know more about Thai culture. This means doing some research about the tradition and culture of Thailand. At least get to know a bit about its history and some of its popular places.

You also want to know more about the country’s religion, art, and dishes so you can have something to talk about during your first date with a Thai single woman. This will make her feel special since she’ll think that you’ve exerted effort into knowing her and her culture.

Additionally, you can try taking your date into known Thai restaurants to try out authentic dishes. It can be a plus if you learn a few words to impress your date. If you show interest in her culture and country, you’ll be giving yourself a head start.

2. Be a gentleman, always

You have to keep in mind that the Thai culture places a heavy emphasis on tradition. Therefore, when you decide to date Thai women, you have to be courteous and polite at all times. You also want to consider giving her a gift. Regardless of how small that might be, your date will surely appreciate it.

Once the date ends, don’t tell her you’ll call her if you don’t really mean it. She’ll find it offensive, especially if she’s into you. If you don’t have plans for a second date, then at least leave your date with a simple “nice meeting you” message. She’ll more than likely get it.

3. Refrain from public display of affection

While it might sound normal in your country to see couples showing affection in the public, that’s not really the case in Thailand. When dating Thailand girls, you have to keep in mind that even a simple kiss on the street is a no-no. It doesn’t mean she’s not into you, it’s just that it’s a part of Thai culture.

The farthest you can go is holding each other’s hand outside, but that might not even happen during your first few dates. Ideally, you want to plan your good night kiss carefully. Also, when it’s your first date, try to watch her body language, and in the event that she rejects your kiss, don’t force it. Again, this doesn’t mean she’s not into you, rather it’s just because you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time.

4. Make a good first impression

When it comes to dating, first impressions definitely last. When dating Thailand women or just about any woman of any nationality, they would most definitely prefer a man who is well-groomed and dresses neatly.

For Thai women, they want to date someone who smells good, not someone who smells as if he hasn’t taken a shower for days. Also, since you only have one shot of getting a good first impression, you have to make sure to wear appropriate clothing.

The one thing you should NEVER wear during Thailand dating is a “Farang” uniform. In case you’re wondering, a farang is what a lot of western men tend to wear during their stay in Thailand. This consists of a short and tank tops. Make sure to avoid wearing it during your date as it can lead to the date ending up pretty quickly.

5. Don’t arrive late

Whenever possible, don’t be late to come to your date, even if it’s your first time or have been doing it for a couple of times. This will give your date a bad impression and will cause her to believe that you don’t care about her that you won’t even bother showing up on time.

You can, however, show up early but not too early since your date will need a bit of time to put on her makeup to give you that good first impression. Do keep in mind that Thailand girls for dating are very sensitive about their appearance, especially if it’s the first date.

6. Carefully plan your date

A lot of women whom you’ve met on Thailand dating sites like to feel special. Therefore, during your first date, make sure to plan ahead of time. Do not propose going into the clubs or bars on your first date and it will make her think she’s cheap and worthless.

Your choice of a dating spot will depend on her background. Whenever possible, try to get to know more about her first and ask her about the types of places she loves to go. Don’t take her to places where she might not be comfortable with.

Don’t be afraid to discuss the date in advance. This will give you some useful ideas and allow you to pick a location where she can be comfortable with.

7. Let her know where you’ll be headed

This is especially true if you won’t be staying in Thailand at all times to be with her. If that’s the case, it’d be best to inform her early on in the relationship where the two of you will be headed. Do you plan to take it slow? Do you plan to make her your Thai girlfriend? Or are you planning to marry her in the near future?

The future matters – a lot. Therefore, it’d be a good idea to set expectations for both of you right ahead of time.


Thai women are quite special. However, apart from their beauty, they’re also known to be smart, humble, courageous, and respectable. Therefore, if you plan to go out with a Thai woman, make sure to give her importance, and don’t forget to follow the above-mentioned tips.

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