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What to Know When Dating Filipino Women

Have you ever wondered what it was like to date a Filipino woman? In many ways, courting in the Philippines is the identical to anywhere else in the world, apart the differences between cultures. Recognizing what these distinctions are and accepting them can keep you out of a lot of trouble, and from heartaches, of course. To help you, we’re going to give you a few tips and talk about the Filipino dating principles.

Filipinas are friendly

According to the BBC, the Philippines contains some of the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world. Friendliness comes naturally to Filipinos, and this is great news for you western men out there because, when you see a Filipino lady online and send her a message, she will most likely respond.

Have a sense of humor

Filipino girls love men with a sense of humor, which is probably the most important thing they are looking for in a guy, so try and make her laugh and talk with humor as much as you can. But don’t forget to respect her; interrupting her while she is talking is very disrespectful and rude so make sure you listen and let her finish when she is talking before making comments. Listening, valuing her and her thoughts and showing her everything she says is important to you will make you even more attractive.

Be a gentleman

Don’t think that this is getting old-fashioned because it never will. Whatever women you’re dating wherever in the world, being a gentleman will always attract girls and they will appreciate and love you even more. Being a gentleman includes doing the following:

  1. -Being respectful and polite
  2. -Having good manners, like saying “please” and “thank you”
  3. -Not using foul language
  4. -Giving genuine compliments
  5. -Keeping promises you’ve made
  6. -Not pressuring her into doing anything against her wishes
  7. -Holding the door open for her

Respect her culture and religion

    Filipinos are famous for being one of the most religious races, with around 80% being deeply-devoted Catholics. Many Filipino girls go to church every week so do respect this and be open-minded about her religion. And this applies to her culture as well, which is very different from western culture. Some things which may not make sense to you makes perfect sense to Filipino single, and you must respect this and not make fun of them as they are extremely proud of their culture. If you genuinely want to impress a Filipina, you can ask her some questions and try to understand and learn about her roots. You can also try and speak her language, eat some exotic food, including dinuguan or balut, and learn some Filipino songs to serenade her.

Be generous

    There is a difference between giving scammers money and being generous. So, if you’re courting a Filipina, you should buy her gifts now and then. Things you can buy include flowers, chocolates or a teddy bear, but you really want bonus points from her as well as her family, you can buy her family a present or treat them to a tour. If you take your Filipino girl out to eat, and her family tags along, there will not be any fighting for the bill – you will be expected to pay – but you’re a man, so be generous.

Be loyal

    Filipino women are some of the most loyal and faithful in the world, which is why they also expect their men to be the same. If you’re dating Philippines, you will notice how she won’t talk to other guys around her and steer clear of any temptations. They also consider marriage as extremely sacred and a lifetime commitment because of their religious upbringing and culture, which is why they value the concept of marrying someone they truly love and will stay with them until the end of time. Keep this rule in mind since it’s of great importance when you’re dating Philippine girl for marriage.

Family first

    Unlike most other countries in the world, family is priority and more important than anything in this world for Philippines single women, which means you’re dating not only the girl but also her family. Don’t get too worried yet, because this also means that when you marry her and start a new family, you will be first priority. But for the meantime, if you want to pursue a Filipina, make sure you try and impress and win her family in order to impress and win her. Her family’s opinion matters when it comes to her happiness so make sure you show them respect and kindness at all times because it will definitely break her heart if you don’t love her family as much as she does.

Look for educated women

    Unlike educated women in the west, where they have good paying jobs allowing them to be independent and often social climbers, feminine and intelligent girls in the Philippines can, on the contrary, be pretty sexy. They tend to be sociable, well-mannered and humble, but bear in mind that this does not mean they earn much better salaries.

A picture is worth a thousand words

    When browsing through profiles of Filipino women on Philippines dating sites, pay attention to her photos. If a girl says she works in a restaurant, and in her picture, she is posing in a five-star hotel or having dinner in an expensive restaurant, then something isn’t right. In such a case you should ask yourself “who is paying for all her expenses?” It might be the case that she was invited by a friend who is better off, so the best thing to do is to find out indirectly without being too interrogative. The truth will emerge sooner or later as Filipinas are not good fibbers.

    Looking for Filipino dating, whether via Filipino dating site or face-to-face meeting offline, is not an easy task, but love was never a simple subject, was it? If you’ve read all the tips and advice given above, you’ve probably already realized that dating Filipino women is definitely worth a try because you know they are worth the hassle!

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