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How to Date Chinese Women Online

There is something about Chinese women – their exotic looks, decent upbringing and distinctive culture – that makes them so mouthwatering to western men, so you go for one, thinking you can’t go wrong. Wrong. Chinese girl dating, like dating a girl from any other culture, needs to be treated differently. Expectations in relationships are much higher in China so making the right first impression is extremely crucial if you want to go out with one. It doesn’t help that most Chinese dating sites are too similar – they just “promise” to find you your true love whereas, in fact, they are just charging expensive fees and not really helping like they should be. But don’t worry – we’ve got it all covered here.

Make your intentions clear early on

You may be looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, or just for someone to spend time with, and there will be Chinese women who share the same intentions as you and others who won’t. Therefore, it’s important to discuss early on in your communication why you are here and what kind of relationship you’re looking for. One-night stands are not very common in Chinese dating culture so if you’re up for one, then you’re probably in the wrong place. If you’re seriously interested in her and want to get to know her better, tell her! She might feel the same!

Be confident but gentlemanly at the same time

It is expected that the man takes the initiative when it comes to Chinese lady dating, so make sure you are the one who asks her out or starts the first conversation, and do it politely and with respect. Be prepared to pay for the date as going Dutch will not look impressive. Don’t talk too much on the first date but ask questions about her, listening to her answers. This will show your interest in her. Chinese ladies like men who respect their thoughts and feelings and not those who boast and talk too much.

Actions speak louder than words

It’s not common for Chinese women to express their feelings with words, but this doesn’t mean they won’t tell you how they feel. They will show you through their actions, such as buying you things or making you good food. They will help you look good by helping you buy an outfit or look after you when you’re unwell. This is a Chinese woman’s way of showing affection as they find expressing feels with words too embarrassing. However, when she completely trusts you, this may change.

Language barrier

The language barrier is one of the biggest obstacles in an intercultural relationship, especially with a female Chinese single. If her profile contains little words in English, then her English is probably not very good. Before diving in, you should try and communicate to get a sense of her level of English. Some sites offer translation services, sometimes free of charge, which can be a great help in overcoming language barriers.

Meeting Chinese women online

Looking for your China cupid online is one of the best ways to go. However, there are a couple of things you will need to bear in mind in order to attract as many single Chinese girls as possible in China dating and succeed in creating a lasting relationship:

1.Polishing up your profile– if this is done the right way, you will get tons of Chinese beauties messaging you yearning to get to know you, so make sure you upload a decent photo of yourself as your profile pic will fully complete your profile description. Say a bit about yourself without going overboard. Be sure to leave out some details to make potential matches curious enough so they have to drop you a line. You should also state what you’re looking for in your future partner when it comes to Chinese women dating. Whether you’re looking for a friend, a casual relationship or marriage, it’s important to state your intentions so you can be matched to the right girl.

2.Send the first message and be confident and polite. I know it can be a real pressure to initiate contact with someone you’re interested in, but this will definitely impress her as she will see your confidence. Just be yourself, keep it simple but interesting and compliment her interests, as this will show you took the time to read her profile in Chinese single dating.

Online safety tips

1. If you’ve found a Chinese girl with a vague profile description, you need to be careful and trust your intuition. We’re not saying it’s definitely a scammer, but it’s possible.

2. Keeping multiple personalities can be tricky and will slip through sooner or later. If you notice the stories your Chinese lady has been telling are inconsistent, she is most likely a scammer. End the “relationship” immediately to prevent an empty wallet and a broken heart.

3. It’s pretty normal to want to see the face of your special someone, but if your Chinese girl is always coming up with excuses to not turn on her webcam for a video chat, this is a major red flag.

As we can see, there are various points to be aware of when dating Chinese women but don’t allow them to put you off! Once you grasp all the cultural differences and potential problems when seeking Chinese women for dating, you will have no problem finding your perfect Chinese beauty. Chinese girls can be one of the very best for serious relationships as they are adorable, affectionate and tender, so they are absolutely worthy of all the sweat and attention!

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